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Phenomenal Live

By leveraging the latest in live-broadcast video technology, Phenomenal’s production team is able to live-stream sporting events directly to your fan base at a reasonable cost. We offer multi-camera views, picture-in-picture, templates, replay, pre-recorded content in the broadcast, and much more. 

The opportunities to leverage proprietary live content with sponsorship and social activations are mind-blowing. The sky is the limit. Let’s get rolling.

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Event Facilitation

Our focus is to help your event reach it’s potential, so we cater to all forms of event management.. even if you’re just building it from the ground up. Phenomenal has a team of event planners and organizers that contribute on an as-needed basis. So if you have a dream for what a great event should look like, we’d love to help. Or if you already have one, and it just needs a few tweaks… we can do that too.

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