Golf Visual Media- Video and Photography

The game of golf is beautiful. From the moments teeing off early at sunrise, being the first person to track footprints in the morning dew, to the late season “survival of the fittest” against the elements. But there is so much more than just the physical beauty of golf. There are great stories that simply cannot be captured on other mediums. Perspectives from members who have been a part of the club for generations. Juniors learning to take up the game for the first time. Course architects, designers and greenskeepers that continually provide for a fantastic product. And industry stakeholders- pro’s, GM’s and club officials who have a myriad of information to distill through the club and to the outside market.

Undoubtedly, video and photo is a fantastic method of capturing golf’s great moments. Phenomenal is positioned with some of the best videographers in the business, and can pull together the right team to facilitate your vision. Whether it’s an internal pride piece, accurately reflecting the positive morale and strength of member culture, or an external marketing creation meant to generate interest and awareness- if your club is not currently utilizing the power of visuals and story, then you’re already a shot behind.

Golf Collateral Design

Being able to effectively communicate the goals and aspirations of the club is the next big step- and sometimes, that doesn’t have to be to an external market. Some of the best designs and advertisements can be aimed at the existing membership. From professional design for posters in the pro shop, to messaging and email newsletters, to social media promotional posts, great design is critical to maintaining the highest quality representation at your establishment.

Looking outside the club, great design grabs attention. If you’re seeking a bump in greens fees, or new members to start looking in your direction, you need to effectively get eyeballs and interest. A great photo, with the wrong or cluttered content, may just be enough to push somebody away.

Great design isn’t expensive- it takes a keen eye and proficiency to make a great piece. Leave that part to us.

Golf Course and Facility Training

Simply put, you need to be delivering a 5-star experience for your members. With other options available- from competitive clubs, to alternative leisure activities, to spending time at home with the kids, it’s never been tougher to glean new members and keep current members happy. Training is a valuable asset to keep your club performing at its highest levels. From professional supervisory, to leadership, customer service, sales and communication, often times staff do not come fully equipped with the skills required for their position. Fortunately, Phenomenal can assist with their professional development. A partnership with Think Business Training, official provider for training with the PGA Atlantic, can help get the entire team get focused and ready to perform.

Furthermore, various government funding initiatives are in place to help mitigate and significantly reduce the overall cost for facility training. Contact us for more information on how to bring industry leading best practises to your operation.

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