We Exist To Become Phenomenal.

The Story

Remember that moment when Tiger Woods’ golf ball clung on the lip during the 2005 Masters? Or the 2010 Olympics when Sydney Crosby scored to win gold? Bobby Orr sailing through the air? Joe Carter - 1993? The Immaculate Reception?

Great stories, great memories, great experiences exist in sport. At all levels. Across all geographies, skill levels, and demographics. Sport exemplifies the best in us. Sport drives us. Sport encourages us. Sport breeds confidence, character and camaraderie. Sorry Gordon Ghecko, but its not “Greed” that works… it’s Sport.

That same jubilation experienced by millions when Kerri Strug stuck her landing in 1996? That’s felt everyday by parents, coaches, sponsors and athletes across the world. A father’s joy watching their child score their first goal at the local rink is the same as a young team standing on the podium for the first time. No matter the scale, the moment and the feeling is real.

All of these moments are transcendent. They define the pinnacle of our best efforts as humans. And it’s in this energy, that our company, Phenomenal, was born.

We’re a sports company, but we do so much more than most sports companies. Our team blends many years of experience in all walks of athletics and business. We aren’t limited to one particular channel, nor do we cater to one specific realm. All of sport is our market. And all regions are our clients. We’re not a big national company- we’re a regional firm with a national focus. We work with athletes and companies of all sizes, because sport isn’t just for Network TV or major publications. It exists for everyone.

We work to market sport, and also market through sport. That means we cater to both the people immersed in the athletic venture, and also those companies that want to join in the experience.

We've been brought into the game through one of our oldest pastimes- golf. The connections and influences that golf has in both sport and business is uncanny. That was the breeding ground to develop the concept of Phenomenal- a company that can help sport and also help through sport.

We have a team of athletes- they’re the sport’s personification and storytellers. Aspiring phenoms that are in the pursuit of excellence. We work with these athletes to grow their story and their fellowship.

We integrate marketing campaigns for sponsors and companies who have great products and services that could be embraced and highlighted by sport.

We bring media to events and campaigns, linking experts in the creative spectrum with the visual drama of athletics.

And we have partners and contractors that literally can’t think of anything more fun than blending great stories, with great companies, in great athletic ventures.

So why are we here? Simply put.. in sport and in business- we exist to become phenomenal.

Meet Dave- He's the Conduit.

Dave Williamson

Dave Williamson


Dave Williamson
Dave Williamson


At the helm is Dave Williamson. He's the connecter, and combines a love of marketing and branding with a background in athletics and business development. He's worked in marketing agencies, travelled the world with sports, and hopefully is just getting started.

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